Lesson From A Hawk

By far, my busiest day of the week at work is Friday.  It’s non-stop go, go, go from beginning to end.  Friday afternoons are especially stressful.  I’m busy running reports, tracking down salespeople, and getting all the radio commercials ready to air on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Many Fridays I’ll get so busy I forget to eat lunch… and if I do eat it it’s usually standing at my desk.

It’s because of this that a particular moment from this past Friday really stands out to me.  It was around 3:30 pm and I stopped by a co-worker’s office to ask a question.

She has a window and as I stood in the doorway I saw what I thought was a hawk land on a satellite dish behind our building and drop something into a hole in the piping.

“Did I just see a hawk out there,” I asked in amazement. “Oh, yeah. There’s one that has a nest out there. He flies in all the time to drop dead mice off and then he’s gone,” my co-worker replied.

I was fascinated.  I stood near the window watching.  Wanting to see the hawk return.  Then I saw what I thought was one of the babies stick their heads out.  It was so cool to see.

My co-worker brought me up to speed on the hawk family.  It has been out there for a month or so… and since they moved into the neighborhood all of the other birds in the area left.

I probably watched for 5 minutes hoping the Dad would come back and the baby would emerge fully from the nest.  Eventually, my mind snapped me back to the reality that is my Friday afternoon.

The rest of the day I thought about that hawk and how it commanded my attention.  How it was the coolest thing I had seen all week.  It made me realize that as much as I love technology and my smartphone and Chromebook… there are cooler things going on in real life.  This was punctuated by the Canadian geese I saw near the pond close to my office as I pulled out of the parking lot.

I have a feeling that I’ll be making a few more stops by my co-worker’s office this week just to try and catch a glimpse of the hawk. I also have a feeling that whenever I start to feel myself getting too tangled into the online web that I’ll remember that hawk… at least I hope so!

Have you ever stopped, watched, and been mesmerized by nature?

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