Another Random Act Of Kindness

I’ve been on the receiving end of a random act of kindness before. This evening it happened again.

I had just got done working all afternoon at the Iowa State Fair.  I was tired, hot, and thirsty.  Rather than pay several dollars for a drink at the fair I decided to wait and grab a cheap (and considerably larger) fountain drink at a gas station on the edge of town.

On my way into the store I stopped to hold the door for a delivery driver with a hand truck full of boxes.  He went about his work and I filled up my drink and headed to the check out.

The guy at the counter said, “I’m not going to charge you for that today.”  I was caught off guard.  “How come?” I asked.

“I saw you hold the door for that guy.  That was a nice thing to do and every once in awhile I like to reward someone for being nice,” was his answer.

“Wow.  Thank you so much.  Have a nice night,” was all I could reply.

I wish I would have caught his name but I was too surprised to look.

What a nice gesture!  I’d like to thank that gentleman again.  I’d like to thank Kum & Go for hiring employees that would do such a thing.

It’s little stories like this that strengthen my faith in humanity.  It’s also reminded me that a little thing can brighten someone’s day.

Got any good “Random Act of Kindness” stories?  Leave a comment. I’d love to hear them.

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2 thoughts on “Another Random Act Of Kindness”

  1. What time was it or could u describe him? I’m one of the assistant managers there at that partucular store and would be happy to pass his first name along and whomever it was I’m sure would be honored and happy to know he made your day. thanks for the post we sure do have great employees.

    1. Hey, Aaron. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. It was between 7:30 – 8:30pm. He was a younger guy. Late teens or early twenties with darker hair. Wish I could give you more details but I was really caught off guard. If you figure it out please pass along another thank you from me.

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