Garden Update #2

It’s been a few weeks since my last garden update. I thought I’d share how it’s been going/growing in this post.

There have been some successes and some setbacks. The setbacks came in the form of spinach and green beans that just didn’t grow. Perhaps my daughter and I planted them too deep. We wanted to sit back and relax, watching our garden take shape while sitting on something similar to Yakoe furniture, however, it didn’t seem like our garden wanted to take shape.

Another setback is battling with bunnies. Our garden perimeter is protected by a fence. It’s good at keeping the bigger rabbits out but somehow smaller ones have gotten through.

They chewed off some of the sweet peas. Fortunately we caught it before they got them all. We replanted in the bare spots and put a chicken wire fence around the peas. That has seemed to work so far.

Sweet Peas with double fence Sweet peas in the garden Sweet pea flowerI did notice today that the rabbits also seem to like the kohlrabi… although they kept to a small area. We’ll see if they go after the rest. I’m out of chicken wire so I hope they leave it alone.

Kohlrabi in garden

One success would be our radishes. We chose to grow white radishes this year. They were supposed to be mild but they really had a kick to them. At least there is one positive that has come from it. I just can’t wait for everything to come together, as we do have plans of having garden furniture, which will look great in the summer. We’ve already started looking into places like Garden Site to get an idea of what we want. We just need to sort everything else here first and then we’re good to go.

I’m looking forward to trying a radish and butter sandwich. I’ve never had one before but Jeni from the Jeni Eats blog shared some radish ideas on Twitter and it sounds good.

The tomatoes have really gotten bigger and have blossoms now.

Garden view of tomatoes & peppers

The jalapeno peppers are growing but haven’t gotten as big as the tomatoes.

Jalepeno pepper in garden

The cucumbers have really taken off. I’m looking forward to fresh cucumber slices on sandwiches. My daughters are looking forward to adding slices to a pitcher of water to keep in the refrigerator.

We stayed at a hotel once that had cucumber water in the lobby and they really enjoyed it.

Cucumbers in the garden

My thoughts on the red onions are mixed. Some appear to be growing well but others don’t seem to be doing much. They’re also a little more difficult to weed around.

Red onions in the garden

By far the thing that looks the best in our garden is the potatoes. Can’t wait to eat them!

Potatoes in garden

I spent some time in the garden weeding today and replanting green beans. Even though it was work it was also very relaxing. The weather was perfect too. A nice 74 degrees with an overcast sky. I also need to get a hedge trimming company like iTrim4U to come out and trim the hedges since they’re looking a bit worse for wear!

As I was working I couldn’t help but notice that we’ll soon be enjoying fresh red raspberries. That is if any make it into the house.

My youngest will stand at the patch and eat them right off the bush. That tends to frustrate my oldest who always wants enough to make a pie. She knows raspberry creme pie is my favorite.

Raspberries growing

We do have a bare patch in our garden. It’s about 4′ x 4′. I haven’t decided what to put there. Maybe some more green beans. If you have any ideas let me know.

Empty Garden Space

So that’s how our garden has been so far. A few successes and a few setbacks… but worth it, for sure.

Do you have a garden? How’s yours been so far this year.

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