Whiskey Stones: Do They Work?

Need a unique gift to give for Father’s Day.  If your Dad’s a whiskey drinker you might consider giving him some whiskey stones.  They’re fairly inexpensive and probably not something he’s liable to buy for himself.

Never heard of them before?  Well, whiskey stones are dice-sized cubes of soapstone.  You keep them in your freezer and then add a few to a glass of whiskey to give it a chill without watering down your drink.

Soapstone is used to make whiskey stones because it’s a softer rock composed of mostly talcum that won’t scratch your glass.  It also won’t add any flavor.

I got a set of whiskey stones for Christmas.  It was a thoughtful gift from my wife who knows I like things cold… and prefer my whiskey not watered down.  Click here to see the ones I have.

My initial review from the first time using them were mixed.  It did lower the temperature a little bit but not as much as I was expecting. I wondered aloud about the performance difference between whiskey stones and ice.

My oldest daughter, who’s every bit as analytical as me, proposed we do a little science experiment to find out.  I figured why not.  After all, we had fun before experimenting to see how effective the Yeti Rambler Colster was at keeping a canned beverage cold.

Plus, I’d get to sip some whiskey when the experiment was over.  Win – win for me!

My daughter designed the experiment and meticulously took notes while I relayed the temperature readings to her.

To conduct the experiment with poured 3 ounces of whiskey into two glasses.  The starting temperature of each one was noted and recorded.

First, we tested the whiskey stones.  We added four stones to one glass and checked the temperature every minute for ten minutes.

The process was repeated in the other glass this time with two ice cubes.

So, what were the results?  Did the whiskey stones work? Are they worth it? The short answer: it comes down to personal preference.

The whiskey stones lowered a 3oz. pour by 10° while the ice dropped the temp by 24°. The downside to the ice is it added half an ounce of water to the drink as it melted.

If you like your whiskey neat with a slight chill whiskey stones are the way to go. If you prefer a little water with your whiskey and it colder, ice is better.

Below are our results.  All temperatures are expressed in Fahrenheit.

Have you used whiskey stones before? What did you think?

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3 thoughts on “Whiskey Stones: Do They Work?”

  1. Great test. It also depends on the whiskey you are drinking, some actually need a touch of water to open up the flavors while others do not.

  2. My question would be, what would happen if you used some of those plastc balls with the water inside? (Think teething ring?) they would be ice, without the delution.

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