Saving Time By Freezing Cooked Rice

I recently shared 10 Ways My Family Saves Money.  Number 6 was: We create our own convenience items.  In this post I thought I’d share my oldest daughter’s favorite homemade convenience item.

Be sure and read all the way through because I’ll share a bonus homemade convenience item that  she’s also a fan of at the end.

Saving Time By Freezing Cooked Rice

My oldest is a big fan of rice… all rice, but her favorite is brown rice. Particularly because of the taste and because it’s healthier than white rice.

Unfortunately, although more convenient, instant brown rice isn’t as healthy or tastes as good as regular brown rice.  The good thing is we’ve figured out that cooked rice freezes and reheats well.  It’s perfect for making ahead of time and freezing into individual servings.

It’s really easy to do too.  You just cook the rice according to the package instructions.  We always cook it without the optional butter, oil, or seasonings.

When the rice is  done let it cool completely and then put it into single serving containers to freeze.  We save and use the containers that Hillshire Farms lunch meat comes in.  These are perfect for holding a cup to a cup and a half of rice

Individual rice servings to freeze

You could also put in freezer bags and flatten if you’re short on freezer space.  We’ve got a deep freeze with plenty of room so we go with the plastic containers.  That way my daughter can defrost, heat, and eat right from the container.

By not seasoning the rice when cooking, it allows you to get creative later when you use it.  You could add sugar and cinnamon for a sweet treat or add veggies, meat, and soy sauce for a quick microwave stir-fry.

One 2 pound bag of rice made us 13 individual servings.  The 12 shown here and 1 that got eaten when we made it!

Prepared brown rice to freeze

Here’s the bonus homemade convenience item: Hand-Cut Cheese sticks. 

Sure, you could buy prepackaged cheese sticks or you could buy a big block of cheese and cut your own.  We bought this 2 pound block of co-jack cheese at Costco for $4.69.  It cuts into 30 sticks making each one cost only 15.6¢.

Cutting cheese sticks

What are some homemade convenience items your family makes?


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