Memory Monday – School Lunches

How many times in recent memory have you thought about school lunches? For me the number is 2.

The first was over the weekend.  Our dance studio was competing in a dance competition held at a larger school in Central Iowa.  Their facilities were outstanding.  I noticed the sign outside their lunch room showing the food options.

School Lunch Menu Board

They had 5!  When I was younger the only option we had was to eat the one meal the school served or pack your own home lunch.

Home lunch wasn’t always an option for me either.  My parents only let us bring a home lunch a few times each school year.

I usually saved my home lunch days for the times the school served beanie weenies… a meal I couldn’t stand.  It was my least favorite school lunch of all time. (I’ve since been able to get to a point where I can eat this but it’s still not something I prefer.)

When I got to high school a third option was introduced!  You could go get the hot meal or you could get with the salad bar.  I was a big fan of the salad bar… especially because it had ranch dressing and bacon bits.  Two things I don’t ever remember having at home.

Lunchtime at school was cool because I got to see one of my aunts each day. She worked at the school and punched our lunch tickets before we got our food.

Times have certainly changed in how schools keep track of lunch money.  No more punch cards.  It’s all done electronically now.  Every kid has their own number that they punch in when they go through the lunch line.

The system is even sophisticated enough to email families when their student gets a low balance.  Which reminds me… the other time I thought about school lunches was this afternoon when I got one of those emails.  I need to wrap this up and add some money to my daughter’s lunch account!

What memories do you have of school lunches?

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2 thoughts on “Memory Monday – School Lunches”

  1. We had similar options. When you got to high school there were 2 hot meals served that you could pick from, but interestingly enough…they don’t have that option anymore! Our kids get one option at school or a packed lunch!

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