Memory Monday – Pork & Beans

As a parent, you’re constantly looking for ways to motivate your kids.  Sometimes rewards work.  Other times that motivation can come in the way of fear.

When I was younger my parents used fear in the form of a can of pork and beans.   The threat went like this: if I got a detention in school my supper would be a can of pork and beans.  I hated them growing up.

It was effective because I never got a detention.  The closest I ever got was in middle school band.  Probably 6th grade.  The entire trumpet section got a group detention.  I was nervous to tell my parents but made the case that it wasn’t my fault so I shouldn’t be held accountable.

Apparently, I did a good job presenting my argument because I got what the rest of my family had for supper that night.

By the way, my aversion to pork and beans is gone.  I realized about 15 years ago that my tastes had changed and that I didn’t mind pork and beans.

It was on a guys week away horseback riding with my father-in-law and brothers-in-law in South Dakota. Our evening meals consisted of grilled meat and beans.  On the second night, I thought, “I should try pork and beans.  See if I like them now.”

Turns out they weren’t bad.  Still not my most favorite, but I don’t mind a serving every once in awhile.  Especially with a burger or BBQ.

Once I realized that I could eat beans I set out to try them more often.  I found out my absolute favorite beans are my aunt’s homemade baked beans. They’re delicious and I’d happily eat them anytime.  They’re a favorite of my youngest daughter’s too!  I need to get that recipe to add to my collection.

What food would’ve kept you from getting a detention?

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