Memory Monday – Cake

It’s graduation season! That means lots of graduation parties… and lots of cake.  I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I’m not a big fan of cake.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll eat it and enjoy it when I do, but there are many other desserts I’d choose before going with cake.

I think it all stems from about 10 years ago.  My wife had the incredibly important job as a stay at home mom with our girls.  To get a break… over the course of a year she took every cake decorating cake class our local Michael’s store offered.

It was a great way for her to be creative, get out of the house, and spend some time in the company of adults.  The only thing was… she needed a cake to decorate every week.

That meant we had a cake to eat every week!  I ate so much cake that I guess I got sick of it.  Towards the end of the classes I even think there were times we threw some away.

I know that on more than one occasion I asked if she could decorate brownies, bars, or a pie.  That never worked… so cake it was.

My wife got really good.  Every cake she decorated was very impressive and her skills came in very handy for making birthday cakes for our girls.  She even made my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding cake.

Unfortunately, this was all before social media and smartphone cameras so we don’t have many pictures of her edible works of art. At least none I could find easily without making a mess.

Believe it or not… all this talk of cake makes me actually want a piece. Good thing my birthday isn’t too far off.  That means carrot cake (my favorite cake of all time)!

Carrot Cake

Are you a cake fan?  What’s your favorite dessert?

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