Kitchen Tip: Onion Scraps

I love onions.  I love cooking with onions.  Yellow, green, red, white, Vidalia… I use them all.  What I don’t love is how the discarded scraps can smell up the house just sitting in the trash can.

There are two ways I’ve found to avoid this.

First, you could deposit the onion scraps in your outside trash. This is the best option if you have extra time, decent weather, or you have kids you can get to complete the task. 😉

The second way works if you’re short on time or don’t want to trek outside.  Simply place your onion scraps in a resealable bag that you’re going to throw away anyway.

Most shredded cheeses, pepperoni slices, deli meats, and meatballs come in resealable packages… and I tend to use a lot of those things when I’m cooking with onions.

Tonight, we made pan pizzas in our cast iron skillet.  I threw away our onion scraps in the resealable bag that the pepperoni came in.  I could have also used the shredded cheese bag too.

Onion scraps in a resealable bag

If you don’t have a resealable bag that you’re throwing away you can also use a plastic grocery bag and tie it off with a knot.

It’s a simple and free way to be able to cook with onions and keep your house smelling good.

Do you use this kitchen tip for discarding your onion scraps?

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