Grilled Jalapeno Poppers

Our kids are still spending some time with their grandparents so tonight was the perfect night for my wife to run some errands after work and for me to mow the yard.  The plan was for her to pick up a take-and-bake pizza for supper.

The whole time I was mowing one thought kept going through my head, “I sure hope there are enough  jalapenos ready in the garden to make some poppers to go with our pizza!”

As luck would have it there were four that were the perfect size. Enough to make some grilled jalapeno poppers for my wife and I.

Fresh jalapeños

After I got done mowing I quick threw them together.  It took less than 10 minutes to prep and 20-25 minutes on the grill.

These are so easy to make, taste fantastic, and there’s only 3 ingredients! Fresh jalapenos, flavored cream cheese, and bacon.

Start by washing the jalapenos and slicing them in half lengthwise. Some people like to wear gloves when handling jalapenos. I don’t as they’ve never bothered me.  Just make sure to wash your hands when you’re done and go site of mice and men persuasive essay essay on freedom fighters in hindi pay for your dissertation phd thesis number of pages enter site fiction book report template enter source link world war 2 thesis statement pay to write my term paper go homework harmful or helpful easy bus times from stansted recommendation thesis about computer addiction short essay on my best friend cialis generique meilleur site go site my ideal career essay pastile ca viagra go to link history of soccer essay buy cialis daily online DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE OR RUB YOUR EYES.

Jalapeños sliced lengthwise


Next, use a paring knife to carefully cut out and remove the ribbing and seeds.

Jalapeños with ribs and seeds removed

Time to fill with your favorite cream cheese.  I prefer chive and onion.

Jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese

Now wrap each one with a half a slice of bacon.  You could secure it with toothpicks.  I didn’t tonight because I wanted to get them on the grill quickly.

Jalapeños wrapped in bacon

Grill them on medium high heat for 20-30 minutes until the bacon is done.  I like to grill mine on the top rack farther from the heat making them less likely to burn.

Jalapeños poppers on the grill

When the bacon is done pull them from the grill and let them set for 5 minutes.  Do not skip this step.  You’ll be tempted to pop one in your mouth right away. If you you do the hot cream cheese will burn your mouth.  I speak from experience!

Grilled Jalapeño poppers

What a great appetizer to throw on the grill… and easy enough for a week night!

You could even bake them in the oven but I prefer the smokiness you get from grilling.  Even if you don’t think you like jalapenos you should give these a try.

My wife doesn’t care for jalapenos any other time but she enjoys these.

What’s your favorite appetizer to make on the grill?

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3 thoughts on “Grilled Jalapeno Poppers”

  1. Are they really that simple to make? Hmm. I would not have dreamed that they were! Favorite thing on the grill—-any veggie grilled but especially Iowa corn. 🙂

  2. I don’t like peppers, but these look good! (Not good enough to actually try them though, sorry!) We did sweet corn on the grill last night..butter, onion, garlic, salt, & pepper! Yum!

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