Grill Once, Eat All Week

I  love a good bargain… especially at the grocery store!  When I saw our local Hy-Vee had bone-in, split chicken breasts for 99 cents a pound this week I knew I’d be getting a few packages.

I ended up putting 3 packages of 3 half breasts each into our grocery cart.  It added up to be about 10 pounds. Instead of freezing two of the packages to use later I  grilled it all tonight.

Grilling Chicken Breasts

The grill was going to use the same amount of gas if I grilled 3 pieces of chicken or all 9… and this way we can eat on the leftovers all week.

Platter of grilled chicken breast

Tonight we enjoyed the grilled chicken with a pasta side salad.  Then I cut up and bagged the rest.

Cut up grilled chicken

Bagged grilled chicken

There are lots of possibilities for this chicken.  One meal will pair the chicken with fresh mushrooms, spinach, pasta, and alfredo sauce.

Another time we could use it cold on spinach salads with lots of fresh veggies and some cheese.

Chicken stir-fry over brown rice would be good.

We could mix one bag with barbecue sauce for barbecue chicken sandwiches and boiled potatoes.

For $10 dollars we’ll get 5 family meals and 1 lunch for me. Not too bad at all!

The next time you fire up the grill be sure and fill it up.  Throw on an extra steak to use later for stroganoff or fajitas.  Grill some extra veggies for omelets or to add to pastas and pizza. Grill an extra burger or brat for lunch.

What’s your favorite meal to make with grilled leftovers?

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2 thoughts on “Grill Once, Eat All Week”

  1. I just did this also. Had a package of four chicken breasts and grilled four even though only two of us were home to eat that night. Last night, I cut up half a chicken breast to add to my salad for lunch today!

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