What Are Your Kids Listening To?

Recently my kids and I took a day road trip to my in-laws. My truck needed some preventative maintenance and my father-in-law’s farm shop is the perfect place to get it done. Not to mention he’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things mechanical.

On the way there my oldest made fun of the cassette deck and window hand cranks on my truck. I laughed it off. The truck is paid for and that to me is more important than electric windows.

Even though my truck’s sound system is outdated we still had access to current tunes via my smartphone, a Google Play All Access music subscription, and a bluetooth speaker.

Normally my philosophy is “the driver is the DJ”. They’re the ones who get to choose what to listen to. On this drive, however, I handed that responsibility over to my oldest daughter.

She had almost 2 hours and an unlimited music source to choose from. It was interesting to hear her music choices.

There were some selections that were influenced by her mother (Mandisa, Francesca Batistelli, and Superchick)

Others you could pick up that came from me. (Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, and Toby Mac).

What I enjoyed most was hearing what she enjoyed. Lot’s of pop with a little hip hop mixed in. Several songs she’s danced to or might dance to this year. Music is beautiful and can really uplift people, including children, from a young age I have been watching my children grow musically and it has been wonderful! They have been playing instruments, dancing, singing, watching nursery rhymes, listening to songs and reading musical books since they were young and now they have grown into intellectual, graceful individuals who are soaring through life and thriving with a magical music career…

There wasn’t anything that I objected to and it was interesting getting a window into her musical tastes.

I don’t do it often… but every once in awhile I’d recommend letting your kids or grandkids run the radio.

Have you ever let your kid or grandkid control the radio or TV to see what their interests are? What did you learn?

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