Unexpected Jealousy

Jealousy.  It’s a something I try to avoid.  The older I get the more content I am with what I have and who I am… but every once in awhile jealousy will sneak into my brain.  When it does it’s usually unexpected.

One of those moments of unexpected jealousy cropped up tonight.  I was driving my youngest daughter and her friends to softball practice.  They were in the backseat laughing and talking about back-to-school.

Each of them did a run down of the supplies they had already gotten and what they still needed to get.  They talked about their schedules and how middle school was going to be different than 5th grade.

There was so much optimism and enthusiasm.  The only hint of concern was over lockers and if they’d have trouble working the combinations on the locks.

Artistic Master Lock Padlock

It was at this point that I realized the jealousy sneaking in.  I was jealous of these girls.  I was jealous of where they were in life. Where their only concern was being able to unlock a school locker.

They didn’t have bills to worry about… or a check engine light that just came on… or a stack of work to return to in the morning.  Nope just a locker to unlock… and to be honest, they didn’t really seem overly concerned about that.

The jealousy didn’t last long.  It was quickly replaced by pride.  Pride in how good of friends these girls are… and their positive outlook on life!

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