Top 21 Dad Moments

I’ve been a Dad for 14 years now. Over the years I’ve experienced a lot of great “Dad Moments”. In honor of Father’s Day I thought I’d share the top ones on my list.

Top 21 Dad Moments

  1. Their birth – This is probably the most awe-inspiring, emotional, exciting, and scariest moment of your life. Holding them for the first time and knowing you’re now responsible for this precious life is pretty incredible.
  2. The first time they say “Dada” or “Daddy” – This will melt your heart. I recorded my oldest saying “Hi Daddy” when she was a toddler and used it as the notification on my work email for a long time. It was a nice reminder of her throughout my work day.
  3. Bath time – There’s games, bubbles, singing… and they’re confined to a small space so you don’t have to chase them.
  4. Nap time – Nothing puts me to sleep faster than relaxing in my chair with a sleeping baby snuggled with me. I miss those Sunday afternoon naps.
  5. Story time – Reading books is fun… especially when you do voices for the characters that make your kids laugh.
  6. Any time they need something fixed – As a Dad you’re their hero and they think you can fix anything. So far I’ve done pretty good at fixing everything they’ve asked me to. I’m not looking forward to the day it’s their heart that’s broke and I won’t be able to fix it.
  7. When they switch from formula to whole milk – For a brief moment you think you might have a few extra dollars in the budget. They quickly get used for something else, though.
  8. When they no longer need diapers – Money savings and one less thing you have to remember to pack every time you go out.
  9. When they can successfully use the bathroom by themselves – Wiping butts isn’t fun so this is a big moment.
  10. When you can get rid of car seats – Newer models have made it easier but car seats can be a pain. I can’t be the only one who changed plans/arrangements so I wouldn’t have to move around car seats. If you are thinking about getting a car seat make sure you get it fitted and adjusted properly for you child. You could check out something like BOB Rambler car seat if you are looking for recommendations.
  11. When they rush to greet you at the end of the day and yell “Daddy!” – Nothing will put a smile on your face faster and make you forget a bad day than this.
  12. When you’re walking and they reach up and hold your hand – There’s a real feeling of love in this simple act.
  13. Watching them perform – Whether it’s on the stage, the court, or the ball field I love watching my kids have fun in their various activities.
  14. School visit day – There’s so much excitement on this day. They want to show you everything!
  15. School projects – They might seem like a pain at the time but you really are making memories when you’re working on something with your kids.
  16. Christmas morning – There’s something magical about this morning. The excitement and carrying on of traditions make it special.
  17. Any time they want to spend time with you – As kids get older there are a lot of things fighting for their time and attention so when they want to be with you it can be a big deal.
  18. When you see them figure something out for the first time – A sense of accomplishment is awesome and it’s great to see your kids experience that.
  19. When you see them do the right thing – Parenting is tough and sometimes you wonder if you’re getting through. When you see your kids being polite, sharing, or comforting a friend you realize you’re doing something right.
  20. At the end of the day when you check on them before you go to bed and you spend a few moments watching them sleep and praying for them – There’s something really peaceful about this time.
  21. Father’s day – Hugs, homemade cards, macaroni necklaces… what’s not to love?


Those are my favorite “Dad Moments”. What would you add to the list?

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