Tony Tries It: Watermelon With Taco Seasoning

It’s time for another entry in my Tony Tries It series… where I try something new and let you know what I think.  This time I’m trying a unique blend of flavors I would never have come up with on my own; watermelon, lime, and taco seasoning.

I first came across this combination from Jeni Eats, one of my favorite food bloggers.  Last summer she shared a picture of it on Instagram and I was intrigued.  My family wasn’t.  Even with their skepticism, I knew it was something I wanted to sample.

Trying it last Summer never worked out but when a local grocery store recently had watermelons for $1.88 each I knew it would be the perfect opportunity.

I bought two watermelons.  Mostly, because of the great deal… but partly because my youngest (the biggest fruit fan I know) was disturbed by the thought of me “ruining a perfectly good watermelon”.

She reluctantly agreed to the taste test with me… as did my oldest daughter.  My wife wanted no part in it.  I think she had flashbacks of our Jolly Rancher Soda taste test.

The ingredients for this Tony Tries It were easy to put together.  I sliced the watermelon saving back pieces from the center.  I’ve always found them to be the sweetest.  Next, I cut a lime into wedges and put some Hy-Vee taco seasoning into a custard cup.

We also put some fine sea salt into a custard cup since my oldest had read salt on watermelon really enhanced the sweetness of the fruit.

It was time to see what we all thought of watermelon with taco seasoning.  We each put a watermelon wedge on our plate, sprinkled it with lime juice, and then a few pinches of taco seasoning. Before taking that first bite we ceremoniously “clinked” them together and said “cheers”.

I’ll admit that the first bite was a little odd and confusing.  My brain was trying to process having this unique flavor and texture combination for the first time.

The second bite was a little better and by the third bite, I could understand why someone might enjoy eating their watermelon with lime and taco seasoning.  It wasn’t bad… but it was interesting.

My youngest daughter did not like it at all.  My oldest thought it was just “OK” but not better than plain watermelon.

We decided to move on to other watermelon flavor combinations. Next was plain sea salt and watermelon.  None of us really cared too much for that.

Then it was on to watermelon, sea salt, and lime.  The lime helped make it a little more enjoyable but it still wasn’t a favorite of any of us taste testers.  I’m wondering how it would be with a little tequila misted on top.  Could be like a watermelon margarita.  Might be worth trying some time. 😉

Our last flavor combination was fresh lime and watermelon.  This was pretty good.  The lime added a crisp, brightness to each bite.  It was my youngest’s favorite of any of the combinations we tried.

In the end, we all agreed that you really can’t get much better than a cold piece of plain sweet watermelon.  That said if I was ever at a party and watermelon with taco seasoning was being served, I wouldn’t turn it down.

What about you? Have you tried watermelon with taco seasoning? What flavor combinations do you enjoy that others might find odd?


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One thought on “Tony Tries It: Watermelon With Taco Seasoning”

  1. Does not sound like my kind of combo as I’m not into watermelon. My son, on the other hand, loves watermelon and enjoys tacos. I asked him about the combo – no interest.
    Anyway, I like the adventurous ways you guys are displaying.

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