The Perfect Sound

Yesterday I woke up to one of the best sounds a parent can hear.  The sound of Legos.  If you have kids or have ever played with Legos yourself  you know that sound.  The one they make as you dig through the bucket searching for the perfect piece.

Why do I love that sound?  How come it didn’t make me mad for waking me up?

It’s because I knew my daughter was in her room playing and being creative.  She wasn’t distracted by mind numbing gadgets.  There was no computer, television, or tablet.  She was at the Lego table I made her building her own creations.

Homemade Lego Table

I stayed in bed for awhile listening to the sound of her playing and then went to investigate.  I was curious to see what she was making.

“It’s a wedding”, she proclaimed  proudly when asked what she was working on.   It sure was.   She had the bride and groom right up front.  The Pastor and a crowd of people to watch the nuptials were also included.   There was even a horse drawn carriage ready to carry off the newly married couple.

Lego Wedding


On the same table she also made houses for her Gingerbread Man and Yeti minifigures.

Lego Gingerbread Mini Figure HouseLego Yeti Minifigure House

I remember loving Legos as a kid and I’m glad my daughter has found an interest in them too.  Yep.  I love the sound Legos make.  The sound I make after stepping on one?  Not so much.

What was your favorite childhood toy?

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