The New Normal

Over the past month our bathroom remodel has had our family a little out of sorts… but all in all we did a good job of adapting.

Pre Bathroom Remodel

The good news is the bathroom remodel is DONE!  It was actually done a few days ago but our family been acting as though it isn’t complete or isn’t really ours.

Post Bathroom Remodel 1

I know I for one am in a little shock and awe of the whole project.  It doesn’t even seem like ours.  It’s that big of change from what it was before.

There are times I’ll just stand in the doorway for a minute to take it all in.  It took 4 days before someone used it to take a shower!

Post Bathroom Remodel 2

Today was the first school day that we’ve had 2 fully functional bathrooms… both with showers… and I have to say I can already see how beneficial it will be going forward!

There wasn’t a line waiting for the bathroom.  We didn’t have to plan out in down-to-the-minute detail the night before of who was doing what when.

It might take a few days… but we’ll all settle into a new normal… and when we do it’s going to be really nice.

Have you ever had a radical change that took you a little while to get used to?

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