The Garden In My Mind

This week I saw on Facebook that they’ve already started plants for our Church’s garden.  They’ve already got cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, peppers, and tomatoes going!

I was impressed… and inspired!  This Summer we WILL have a garden!  There.  I said it.   Now I have to follow through.

Four or five years ago I got a garden spot all ready in our back yard. Sod was removed, post holes were dug, rabbit fence installed, soil tilled. It was the perfect garden spot.  About 14 feet by 14 feet.

That year and the next we had a pretty good garden… but the last couple we haven’t had one.  It was either too dry, or too wet, too this, or too that.

This year there will be no excuses.  We’ll get a garden in the ground… and I’ll have help, too, as my girls are excited to have one!  Part of their Summer jobs will be helping in the garden.

We talked about it at supper the other night, mapping out a tentative garden.  I want to have 2 tomato plants.  One grape tomato and another for using to make BLT’s.

My oldest daughter wants to grow spinach while my youngest wants to try radishes.

I also want to plant some green beans, sugar snap peas, and jalapenos.  I have a great recipe for grilled, bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers.

The goal is to have enough fresh veggies to have a complete meal for supper some night.  Should be doable if we all work together.

The other goal is to make a rain barrel to collect rainwater off our garage roof.  The water in our town is expensive so I’m motivated to come up with a good do-it-yourself solution.

Right now the garden is crusty, brown, and snow covered.

Garden in the Winter

But, the garden in my mind is plush, green, and overflowing with produce.

Do you plant a garden? What are the things you always plant?

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