The Flat Stanley Adventure Begins

I love it when I see my kids excited about school.  That’s what I saw tonight at supper hearing about the Flat Stanley project my youngest daughter’s 4th grade class is doing this school year.

They read the book Flat Stanley in Social Studies class.  It’s about a boy who gets flattened and ends up going places in the mail.

Everyone in my daughters class created a Flat Stanley version of themselves to mail to family and friends in other states.  Those people then take pictures of Flat Stanley and fill out a travel log before sending it on to someone else in another state.

Flat Stanley

What a neat way to learn about the United States!  I can see why my daughter was excited.  Heck, I’m excited to hear about where all the flat versions of my daughter’s classmates end up.

We already know my daughter’s will be traveling to Michigan and Wyoming in the next month or so.  It will be interesting to see where it goes after that!

Have you ever had a Flat Stanley visit you?

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