The Best Gifts

Think about the best gift you ever got.  I bet it was something totally unexpected!

Unexpected gifts are the best.  That’s the realization I came to after this Christmas.

My youngest’s wish list contained lots of American Girl and Lego things.  No where on it was a pogo stick… but that’s one of the first things she opened on Christmas morning.

Purple Pogo Stick

Since then it’s been the one gift she hasn’t put down!  She got Lego Friends sets that cost 5 or 6 times as much and while she really likes them… they haven’t gotten as much play time as the pogo stick.

Her first time on the pogo stick was a little wobbly.  Since then she’s mastered several tricks.  This afternoon she bounced for more than 5 minutes without falling off.

She’s figured out how to bounce with 1 hand and no hands.  She can even do the sprinkler, the robot, and some disco moves.  Want proof? Check out the video below.  It made me laugh the first time I saw it.  Views 5-10 still make me laugh.

I also got an unexpected gift this year… and it was one of my favorites. Christmas Eve at Church a friend gave me a bag of Rolos.

Bag of Rolos

Why would a bag of Rolos be one of my favorite gifts this year?   Because it meant a friend actually read something I wrote and it made enough of an impact that she gave me Rolos… that’s why!

So, think about it.  What’s the best gift you ever got?  Was it unexpected?

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