Thank You, Prom Parents!

As a Dad of two girls prom weekend always makes me nervous. That’s when our Facebook friends post pictures of their kids all dressed up for prom.  It’s also when my daughter’s will see all those pics;  one sitting beside her Mom on the coach and the other in her own Facebook news feed.

When I look at prom pictures the first thing I think is, “Would I want my daughters to wear that dress?”  Can’t help it.  I’m a protective Dad.   In years past there have been a few dresses that wouldn’t make it past my radar.  They might have been cut too low or too high or with cut outs that (in my opinion) revealed too much.

This year has been different.  Not a single one would make me say, “Sorry, honey, Dad doesn’t approve of that dress.”  For that, I say, “Thank you!  Thank you, prom parents.  Thank you for helping your daughters choose appropriate dresses!”

I appreciate the elegant, conservative look.  Hopefully, this is a trend that will continue.  My fear is, that given fashion cycles, the “reveal too much” look will come around again just as my oldest will be ready for her first prom.

At least I’ll have pictures from this year of former babysitter’s and teen girls they look up to.   I’ll be able to pull up these pictures as proof you can be covered up and still look beautiful.

I do realize that as my daughters’ proms become closer to reality I’ll have more to worry about like boys, booze, and hormones… but I’d rather not think about that right now.  It’ll just give me a headache.

Have you ever had to tell your kids “NO” on clothing they wanted to wear?

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