Staying Organized With The Family Calendar

It’s taken awhile to realize but we have discovered that our family does better when we stay organized.  There are two main ways we stay on track.  One is high tech and the other is very low tech.

The high tech way our family stays organized is by utilizing Google Calendar.  Everyone in our family has their own Google Calendar with an individual color code.  I even set up a Google Calendar for our entire family as a group.  It’s the one activities that involve everyone gets entered into.

Everything we do gets entered into the appropriate Google Calendar and everyone in the family has access to it.  If we want to know what’s going all all we have to do is grab an iPod, MacBook, Android Phone, Nexus 7 tablet or log on with the family computer.

Having everything online is great when you’re out and about and need to coordinate schedules and make appointments.  All the info we need is right there on our phones.

The low tech way our family stays organized is with a weekly Excel Spreadsheet that we keep on the refrigerator we learnt how to do properly from this list of best Microsoft Excel tutorials.

Every Saturday I’ll go through our online calendars and add the info to the weekly spreadsheet.  It has columns for the date and day of the week.  Since my wife works retail with a schedule that changes weekly there’s another column with her work schedule

The next column is for activities for each day.  Dance, sports, and Church activities dominate this column.

The last column is the one most people make fun of me for.  It’s what we’re having for the evening meal.

Yes!  Before every week begins we map out what we’re having for supper each night.  Everyone offers suggestions and we work meals around the nightly activities and what’s on sale at the local grocery stores.

Planning out meals a week in advance saves a lot of time, money, and frustration.

You save time because you’re only going to the store once a week. You save money by stocking your pantry and crafting your menu around what’s on sale.  You eliminate the frustration of having to come up with a supper idea after a long day at work.

At the bottom of our weekly spreadsheet is a place to write things we’ve run out of that need to be added to our shopping list.

I’ve gotten to the point where I can usually get the weekly schedule organized, printed, and on the refrigerator in 15 to 30 minutes.

Everyone in our family really appreciates the spreadsheet and the refrigerator is the perfect place to keep it.  The kids glance at it every day while they’re getting breakfast.  My wife and I check it each morning when we’re packing our lunches.

There are times where the weekly schedule doesn’t get done and I can tell you this… those weeks are a lot more frustrating than ones where we make the schedule.

How does your family stay organized?

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