School Leaf Project

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of technology.  It’s in the name of this blog!

I love it when my kid’s teachers use technology in the class room.  I love that my oldest is given a a school laptop to use… but I also appreciate school projects that don’t require technology.

That’s the case in the science project my oldest has been working on. It’s her science class’s leaf project.  It has her class collecting, pressing, and identifying broad-leaved trees in our area.

My daughter got many of the leaves she needed with the help of one of her Grandmas.  They’ve got lots of trees at their farm.  My daughter had already picked and pressed every leaf they had.

That left about a half dozen leaves she still needed to find.   My daughter’s teacher provided several maps of places where students could find leaves in our area.  Today we used those maps to find some of those leaves.

The rest we found by driving around town.  Looking at trees and talking to friends and neighbors.  I was really impressed at how much my daughter has learned about trees and their leaves

She’s gotten to the point where she can identify several from the shotgun seat of my truck.  It was fun hearing her explain what she had learned about leaves.  There were a few things she told me that I didn’t even know (although she wont know that until she reads this).

As much of a fan of technology as I am I really appreciate this low tech project.  It had my daughter out in nature.  Really looking at trees. Following a map.  Talking to people and asking them if she could collect a leaf from their tree.

I remember doing a leaf project in school too.  Except I was in high school… not in 7th grade!

What’s the school project that you remember most?

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