Review: Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium At The Mall Of America

I was provided admission for my family to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are mine.

Review: Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium

There’s more to the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN than just shopping! There’s the Nickelodeon Universe Amusement Park… and in the depths of the MOA there is Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium.

The Mall of America isn’t your ordinary mall… and Sea Life Minnesota isn’t your ordinary aquarium.  It’s over 1.2 million gallons of water filled with just about any kind of sea creature you would want to see.

You begin you Sea Life Minnesota adventure by taking an escalator down to the aquarium where you’re greeted by a pool filled with creatures you can actually touch: starfish, coral, sea anemone, and more.

There was an aquarium staff member here giving information about the sea life we were touching.  My youngest pointed out to me how one of the anemone was sticky and tried to cling to your finger.  I gently touched it and she was right.

Next, was the ray 15,000 gallon ray pool.  This is where you can actually feed and touch the rays.  When we were there they were circling the pool in a counter-clockwise pattern.

All we had to do was hold our palm flat under the water and the rays would brush against them as they passed by.  They are very smooth!

Sea Life MN touching the stingrays

From there it was on to watch the sea horses.  What cool creatures they are.  It was interesting to see how they clung to each other.

One of my favorite parts to Sea Life Minnesota is the jellyfish area made up of  large cylinders from floor to ceiling are filled with jellyfish.  The room is dark and the jellyfish tanks change colors periodically.

This showcased just how graceful the jellyfish are.  Very fluid and translucent… changing colors in the light.

Sea Life MN Jellyfish

I could’ve spent all afternoon watching the jellyfish but was prodded along by my daughters who were ready to head into the 300 foot aquarium tunnel.

Sea Life MN Underwater Aquarium

It lets you literally walk through the aquarium and watch the sea life swim all around and above you.

My family loved seeing the sharks!  These weren’t tiny sharks either. Some appeared to be bigger than me and I’m 6’2″.

Sea Life MN Shark

One of the things I really appreciated about Sea Life Minnesota was all the information shared throughout the exhibits.  It seemed like there was something interesting to learn everywhere you looked.

Sea Life MN interesting info

It took my family about 90 minutes to go through all the exhibits… but to be honest, I could’ve spent twice that amount of time just watching all the underwater creatures.

Your adventure ends in the Sea Life Minnesota gift shop.

Sea Life MN Gift Shop

My youngest was excited that they had two pressed penny machines so she could add to her collection.

We went mid-afternoon on a Friday and it was busy but didn’t seem crowded.  If you’re taking kids I think afternoon would be a great time to go.

It’ll give them something to look forward to while you shop in the morning.

If you’re planning a trip to the Mall of America you should add some time to explore Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium.  You can learn more on their website here.  I was checking it out and think that their snorkeling experience looks pretty cool!

Have you been to Sea Life Minnesota? What tips would you give to a first time visitor?

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