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7 thoughts on “Review: Reiman Gardens”

  1. Reiman Gardens is a horticultural treasure for ISU students, Ames residents and those who travel from out of town. We live in Ames and try to make at least one trip each year.

    I’ve often thought it would be fun to make monthly trips to the gardens and take pictures of the changes in seasons and the changing displays.

    I think of prime season as summer months but there are things to see year round, even if it’s indoors, like the butterfly house and the conservatory.

    I recently received a postcard that announced the coming of a special holiday train display. This seasonal display will be in the conservatory beginning mid-November. Information about all attractions can be found on the Reiman Gardens website or by subscribing to their e-newsletter.

    An individual or group membership would make a great gift for friends or family who enjoy visiting the gardens throughout the year. My parents have been purchasing a family membership each year when my husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary.

    Thanks for sharing about your trip to Reiman Gardens.

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