Remembering Lucile

It’s St. Patrick’s Day.  While the rest of the world thinks about green beer, corned beef, and leprechauns I’m spending a little bit of my day remembering Lucile.

Lucile wasn’t a blood relative but she was family.  She was like a great grandmother to my kids.  She loved the color green and all things Irish more than anyone I’ve ever known.  Her quick wit and smile were infectious.

Last St. Patrick’s Day was the first since her passing.  My wife brought home a shamrock plant for a table centerpiece so we could remember Lucile.  In it we found one with 4 leaves.  We all couldn’t help but think that Lucile had a hand in it.

4 leaf clover

Lucile loved music and was an excellent piano player.  The thing I’ll always remember about her funeral was the music that was played as they wheeled her casket away.  The local band director played an incredible version of “When the Saints Go Marching In” on the trumpet.  It was perfect and would have made her smile.

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