Proud Dad Moment

Today was a lazy Saturday morning.  One of the few that we didn’t have anything going on so I could sleep in.  When I got up I fully expected my oldest daughter to still be sleeping and my youngest to be in her room playing Minecraft or Legos.

That wasn’t the case.  I headed downstairs expecting the TV to be on but it wasn’t.  My youngest was lounging on the couch with the family Mac Book propped on her lap.  I asked her what she was doing fully expecting to get a review of some YouTube video.  Wrong again!

“I’m making a song in Garage Band, Dad,” she said.

She sure was… and she sounded good!  Way older than 10 years old. I didn’t want to influence her creativity by sitting too close… so I sat in my chair.    It was fun to look over her shoulder and see her trying to figure things out.  I was really impressed with how far she had gotten all by herself.

For a Dad who edits audio every day this was a very proud moment. My daughter was actually doing something I’m really good at and was having fun doing it.  I imagine it’s the same feeling a race car driver has seeing their kid race go-carts for the first time.

I had heard of the Garage Band program before but had never spent any time with it.  It really is a very neat and easy to use program. There are tons of musical elements and loops to play and experiment with.

You can even record your own vocals with the built in microphone. The sound quality of the recording was pretty impressive.  I wouldn’t use it to record a radio commercial but it worked for a 10 year old girl who was just messing around.

Garage Band

After awhile she asked me for a little help so we moved to the dining room table.  We sat there playing for an hour, trying different things. Even though it’s a different audio editor than I use every day it’s very similar so I was able to show her a few tips and tricks.

She’s still working on her song but I’m impressed with how far she’s gotten.  Maybe when it’s done she’ll let me share it here!  Edit: Ok, she didn’t want the first one to go public but here’s a link to one she did today!

I plan on messing around with Garage Band on my own too.  Might even use it to create some original show open and close music for the podcast I’ll be starting sometime.

Ever had a proud Dad/Mom moment where your kid showed interest in something you are good at?  Leave a comment.  I’d love to hear about it.

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  1. Just a side comment about garage band….I think Guitar Center in West Des Moines offered (or used to offer) a free intro to Garage Band class on Saturdays. Might be worth a call….

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