Oven Baked Hard Cooked Eggs

With Easter on the way there is a good chance you’ll be dyeing eggs. Last year I kept reading about a supposedly “easy” way you could make hard boiled eggs in the oven.  I was skeptical but went ahead and tried it.  Glad I did.  The results were great.

Here’s all you need to do.  Pre-heat your oven to 325 degrees.  You can put your eggs directly on the center oven rack but I’ve found it’s easier if you put them in a muffin tin.  We have a mini-muffin tin that makes 2 dozen.  It works perfect for this.  Then you bake the eggs for 30 minutes and cool them down in an ice water bath.  Pretty simple.

I’ve read that eggs made this way are creamier and easier to peel.  I guess I couldn’t argue with that.  I’ve always heard that fresher eggs are harder to peel and you should use the oldest eggs you have.

You may notice some brownish spots on the shell.  That’s normal and they wash off easily.  Once peeled you will also see some brownish discoloration where the egg touched the pan or rack.  This doesn’t affect the taste.

Hard boiled eggs made in the oven

I would definitely recommend this method of cooking eggs for anyone who has a lot of eggs to cook and doesn’t care about the brown spot on the egg.  I probably wouldn’t go this route if I was making deviled eggs but if you’re cooking a couple dozen to dye for Easter this will get the job done and save you a ton of time.

One thing I’ve done several times over the past year is cook a dozen whenever the oven is already on and hot for something else.  My kids enjoy being able to grab one out of the fridge, peel it, and eat it.  Just remember to label the carton or you could get a surprise.

Have you tried cooking eggs this way?  Did you like it?  If you try it out let me how it let me know how it goes for you.

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