My Rules for Facebook

I’ve written before on my daughter’s rules for using Facebook.  So far, she’s been following them and has been very responsible online.

While I never set out with a set of rules for myself when interacting with her and her friends on Facebook… I have started to realize that I have a few and have been making them up as I go.

The first rule for myself?  I don’t ask to be friends with her friends. That to me would be kind of weird.  I did decide when her friends send me a request that I will accept it.

I don’t like or comment on any of her friend’s status updates or pictures… unless their parents are included.  Then I might.

Another thing I won’t do is comment on my daughter’s pics or posts if they’re friend related.  I want her to be able to enjoy the “social” part of social media without an intruding Dad.

So far we’ve been able to co-exist in the Facebook world without stepping on each other’s toes.  I did think it was kind of funny/weird when one of her friends sent me a request to play “Who Has A Secret Crush On You”.

I don’t really care if anyone has a crush on me or not!

Even if they had invited me to play Candy Crush I still wouldn’t have accepted.  I don’t do games on Facebook.

How about you?  Do you have any self-imposed rules when interacting with your kids and their friends online?

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