My Daughter Broke My Blog

One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about having this blog is the amount of new things there are to learn.  It seems like every week I’m finding some new way to do something or to improve it.

Today I learned something new…  that this blog was pushing the resource limits for the plan I had purchased. It all started this morning when I tried to log into my blog.  It was running slow.

I didn’t think much of it figuring our wifi or internet was acting up. At work I checked the stats via Google Analytics.  There were 14 people on the site which I thought was pretty cool.  More times than not there’s either no one on it or just a couple of people.

That’s when I got an email from my web host.  In part it read: “Your hosting account for is approaching or exceeding its resource limits, which may cause it to be sluggish or even inaccessible to visitors during periods of high traffic.”

In the last 24 hours traffic has been higher than normal.  It all stemmed from my daughter’s guest post about Earth Hour.  Some of her friend’s parents shared it on Facebook which really increased traffic.

I called customer service with my web hosting provider. Turns out that as my blog has grown in size (in both readers and posts) it has reached the limits for the plan I was signed up for.  Over the past month it’s been pushing 90-100% of it’s resources.

Customer service gave me two options. I could stay with the plan I was on and deal with periods of sluggishness… or for a couple more bucks a month I could double my resources.

For me it was a no brainer.  For less than a Starbuck’s latte I could make the site run better for anyone who visits.  Within a half hour it was up and running again.  You should notice the site is faster than ever now!

This was a good problem to have. Growth is good.  It’s encouraging to know people are reading and sharing what I (and my daughter) write.  So thank you.

By the way, my daughter got a kick out of hearing that she broke her Dad’s blog.  Hope you did as well because you played a part in it too… and I’m OK with that!  Thanks again!

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