Middle School Music – A Guest Blog From My Daughter

My oldest daughter asked if she could write another guest blog post. Her first one went over well so I was happy to let her contribute again.  Here are her thoughts on the musical opportunities she’s had so far in Middle School:

This school year has been one of the best because I have had the chance to participate in multiple honor bands, honor choirs and music concerts. I have been given many opportunities that have helped me learn and grow not only in music, but in important skills that will help me later in life. There are two teachers who have given me opportunities and they deserve to be thanked.

I started middle school this year and I have had opportunities that changed me. This year my music teachers have been the most amazing, supportive, and inspiring people. My band director gave me the chance to be part of two different honor bands. My choir director gave me the opportunity to participate in an honor choir.

I also want to thank both of them for leading four concerts at school. They have taught me so much about music and made it a lot of fun too!

As I mentioned earlier they have taught me many life lessons. By giving me the opportunities to participate in honor band/choir they taught me how hard work pays off. They also helped me figure out “practice does make perfect”. I also learned to stick with it no matter how hard things get.

This is how my music teachers have impacted my life as a singer, a clarinet player, and a person. Did you have a teacher who impacted you in middle school? How did that teacher impact you? If you had the chance to thank them what would you say?

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