Memory Monday – Wave Baseball

As I was putting together the recent post “27 Low Or No Cost Things You Can Do To Be Nice” I remembered a game a cousin of mine and I used to play.  It was #10 – Wave at people you pass that sparked the memory.

My cousin and I both had braces and went to the same orthodontist in a town 12 miles away from where we lived.  I was a year older than him and had a driver’s license and a car so I always drove us to our monthly appointments.

We scheduled them first thing in the morning so we were able to get to school on time.  During one of our drives to and from the orthodontist we created a game we called “Wave Baseball”.

The rules were pretty simple and borrowed heavily from baseball or softball.  Whoever was up would wave at an oncoming car or person on the street.  If they didn’t wave back it was considered an out.  Get three outs and the next guy was up.  If the person did wave back it was considered a hit.

Whether it was a single, double, triple, or home run all depended on who it was that waved back.  People like grandmas, farmers, and little kids were considered singles.  Attractive college age ladies were scored as a home run.  We usually had a comical debate about what qualified as a double or triple.

Runners advanced and scored just like in a regular baseball game. The winner was whoever had the lead when we hit the high school parking lot.

Looking back now it seems really silly… but at the time it was fun and led to a lot of laughs between my cousin and I.  It certainly made the drive go faster.

Did you ever create a game when you were younger?

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