Memory Monday – The Bird Bath

Not sure why but lately I’ve really been noticing birds.  There’s the robin with a nest I can see from my deck, hawks perched on roadside signs on my commute… and just tonight there were 100’s of birds sitting on the corn plants in the field across from our house.

With birds on my brain (go ahead and insert bird brain joke here) I got to thinking about my Grandma’s backyard and the bird bath in it.

This wasn’t some flimsy or temporary bird bath.  It was one made of concrete and set into the ground.  There was no moving this thing.  A tornado could’ve come and taken the house and I bet that bird bath would still be standing.

Funny thing is… I don’t recall a bird ever bathing in it.  That’s probably because my cousins and I were busy using it for a tag home base, home plate for whiffle ball… or a meeting spot for taking a break from playing cowboys and indians.

My Grandparents are gone and the house is no longer in the family… but the next time I’m back in my home town I think I’ll drive down the ally and look for that bird bath.

If I was a betting man I’d bet it’s still there!

Little bird on a mossy rock

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