Memory Monday – Summer Lunches

Summer break is in full swing for my kids.  Not going to lie… I’m a little jealous.  The thought of having 3 months off sounds great to me.

It got me thinking back to Summers when I was a kid.  My Aunt, who is a couple years older than me and more like a sister, watched my brother and me.  We’d spend our mornings around home and afternoons at the pool.

Perhaps the thing I remember the most was lunchtime.  We had several “go-to” meals.  There were ramen noodles… sometimes it was beef, other times it was chicken flavor.

Then we had our own special recipe that I can only accurately name “Butter Noodles With Soy Sauce”.  The recipe is just what you’d think.  Make and drain pasta (any shape), stir and coat with butter, and season with soy sauce.

We’d also make mac and cheese.  I’d deviate from the directions on the box.  I’d skip the milk and increase the amount of butter.  Catch a theme here? Yeah, I’m a butter fan!

It didn’t matter what we’d make for lunch, we’d always eat it watching Days Of Our Lives.  That’s a little something we picked up from my Grandma. She’d always watch the Noon news making sure to catch the grain markets… and then she’d watch Days.

It’s been decades since I’ve made butter and soy sauce noodles. Might have to make some soon.  It is Summer break after all!

What foods do you remember eating during Summer break?

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