Memory Monday – Solitaire

Before there was Angry Birds, Candy Crush, or Subway Surfer there was Solitaire… the original smartphone and computer game!  But did you know you could play Solitaire with an actual deck of cards?  In real life?

Playing Solitaire on a smartphone

I kid, I kid… but I bet there is a whole generation of people that are Solitaire whizzes on their electronic devices that wouldn’t be able to play a game in real life if you tossed them a deck of cards.

That wouldn’t be me.  I learned the old fashioned way;  sitting cross legged on the floor of my Grandparent’s living room with an actual deck of cards.  My Grandparents were big card players so there was always a deck nearby.

At their birthday and anniversary parties you could always find a table full of guys playing cards.  Most were retired farmers and it always amazed me how well they held their cards because I think my Grandpa was the only one with all his fingers and thumbs.

My Grandma liked to play Solitaire and one Saturday morning when I was probably around 10 years old she taught me.  I picked it up fairly quickly and remember thinking it was so cool to be able to play a game by myself.

These days I rarely play Solitaire with actual cards but I do have it on my smartphone and tablet.  Every time I play I think of my Grandma and it makes me smile!

Who taught you how to play Solitaire?

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