Memory Monday – Pepsi & Peanuts

Have you ever had your parents suggest you try something that seemed odd to you at the time?  Something you were reluctant to try… but you did anyway because it was your mom or dad that was suggesting it?

That was the case for me when I was a young boy and my dad suggested I put a handful of shelled peanuts into a bottle of Pepsi. That way I could drink the pop and eat the peanuts at the same time.

He explained that it was something he’d done as a kid.

I was skeptical but went ahead and did it any way… and you know what?  It was pretty good.  Something about the cold soda and the salty peanuts worked well together.

Unfortunately, this is one memory that I won’t be able to replicate with my kids.  Neither of my girls like carbonated beverages and my youngest is allergic to peanuts.

Oh well… sometime soon when I have a little time to myself I’ll drive to the local convenience store and get some Pepsi and peanuts. Then I’ll call my Dad.

Have you ever tried Pepsi and peanuts?

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