Memory Monday – Memorial Day

Heading into this Memorial Day Weekend I was thinking about the holiday and what memory I would recount on Memorial Day Monday. Turns out I really didn’t need to come up with one.

My brother took care of it for me!  He shared his thoughts on Facebook…. and with his permission, I’m re-sharing them here.

Here’s my brother’s Memorial Day memory:

As a little boy I always looked forward to getting up early on Memorial Day weekend and helping the local Legion Post raise the flagpoles at the cemetery.

American Flags Flying In A Cemetary

I remember the first time Dad let me help and asking him why we were doing it. He explained in great detail what the holiday, the flying of the colors, and the programs were all about.

Memorial Day Flags in Cemetary

Today, as a small business owner, I look back at that day and that explanation my Dad gave to me and am thankful for all those who have passed giving and protecting the very things we tend to take for granted.

So parents, make sure to take the time and explain the true meaning of this holiday to your children. Have a great and safe weekend… and don’t forget amongst all the fun what we are celebrating this weekend and Memorial Day.

Who taught you the meaning and importance of Memorial Day?

American Flag

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