Memory Monday – Grinnie Killin’ Grandma

Over the weekend I was cruising down one of Iowa’s county highways headed to a surprise party.  The sun was shining and the tunes cranked.  The Charlie Daniels Band’s LIVE! album was the music selection for the afternoon.

Several times on the final stretch of highway ground squirrels darted across the road in front of me.  Perhaps you call them chipmunks, squinnies, or grinnies.

We called them grinnies and my Grandma called them DEAD.  She was an expert about running them over.  As a young kid I thought it was always a blast to ride with Grandma.  She’d swerve on purpose going after them as they crossed the road.

This was in the late 70’s so seat belts and kids riding in the back seat weren’t really a thing.  That meant when Grandma would go for a grinnie we’d slide back and forth across the bench seat of her car or the farm truck.

Didn’t matter if it was on the highway or gravel, she was an expert at running them down.  Maybe she never actually hit one. I really don’t know. But in my mind back then she was 100% accurate.  She was my “Grinnie Killin’ Grandma” and she made car rides fun!

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