Memory Monday – Grandpa’s Snowmobiles

Certain smells invoke very distinct memories for me.  I experienced one of those memories last week during big snow in our area.

There were drifts in our driveway as high as my knees so even though the snow was still falling at a good pace I fired up the snow blower.  I knew if the snow got any deeper it’d be hard for our snow blower to handle.

Snow Blower

It’s not the biggest snow blower out there but it works for our driveway.  It took right off with the first pull of the cord and as it did it let out a puff of smoke.  A puff of smoke that smelled like a mix of fuel and oil.

That scent took me back to to my Uncle’s farm and riding snow mobiles with my cousins.  My Grandfather had two Johnson snow mobiles that we had fun riding.  Two snowmobiles that ran on on a mix of gas and oil… that smelled just like my snow blower.

One of my uncles also had a John Deere snowmobile that we used too. Most of the time my oldest cousin took that one because it had more “get up and go”.

I loved those old Johnson snowmobiles because they were one of the very first things I remember “driving” on my own.  My best guess is I 12 or 13 the first time I got to run one by myself.

The thing that was the most fun was racing.  Not each other… but racing cars!  My uncles have a farm field next to a county highway. We’d wait on one end of field for a car come by.

When one did we’d gas the throttle on the snowmobiles and try to out run them.  About the time we’d catch up or pass them we’d have to shut it down or risk running into the fence on the other end of the field.

If no cars were going by we’d take turns racing, riding, and turning those three snowmobiles over every square inch of that farm field.

This is one of those memories that I wish I could go back and recreate.  It’d be a blast to get out there with my cousins again. Unfortunately Grandpa’s snowmobiles stopped working so they’re long gone.

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One thought on “Memory Monday – Grandpa’s Snowmobiles”

  1. I remember those Johnson snowmobiles too, and that Wonderbread truck we just couldn’t pass! That’s what I think of whenever I get a whiff of a 2 stroke engine!

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