Memory Monday – Grandpa’s Refrigerator

My family is back after being away on a short vacation. No one felt like cooking (and we honestly need to make a grocery run) so for supper, I ordered us a pepperoni pizza from our local Casey’s General Store.

A cold beer to go with the pizza sounded good too so I stepped in the walk-in cooler to see what they had.  Before I could look around to find a favorite my eyes fixed on some packaging that took me back to my grandparent’s basement.

In their basement on the east wall next to a deep freezer was a refrigerator.  There were only a few things I ever remember being in it.  Grape, Orange, and Strawberry Crush, Pepsi, 7-Up, and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.

That familiar red, white, and blue packaging was the first thing I saw in the beer cooler and sent me on a brief walk down memory lane.  I knew it would be the perfect beer to go with my pizza.  It was.  It looked and tasted just like I remembered.

PBR was the first beer I ever tasted.  My grandpa would let my cousins and I each have a sip out of his can.  I realize that this isn’t “politically correct” in today’s society… but I don’t think it was out of the norm back then.  It was a grandpa bonding with his boys.

Sadly, I never did get to actually enjoy a beer with my grandpa when I I legally could… but I did enjoy a few PBR’s with memories of him tonight.

Is there a certain beer, pop, soda, or drink that reminds you of your grandpa?

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