Memory Monday – Grandpa’s Pocket Knife

Perhaps you saw the picture of the Babybel cheese at the top of this post and thought, “How does that have anything to do with a pocket knife?”

Stick with me.  It’ll all make sense in the end.

My Grandpa was a farmer.  He loved animals and could always be found doing something outside.  Wherever he was you could bet that he had a pocket knife with him.

It wasn’t a fancy knife or a big one.  It was your regular run-of-the-mill pocket knife with 1 or 2 blades.  My Grandpa used that pocket knife for just about everything.

Stripping wires, opening feed bags, cutting twine… I swear it was the first tool my Grandpa went too no matter the situation. He’d even use it at family get-togethers to help grandkids open their Christmas packages.

I remember a couple Christmases that Grandpa got one of those Hickory Farms cheese assortments.  The kind where the cheese isn’t vacuum sealed in plastic… but instead is encased in red wax.

Grandpa shared some of his cheese with us kids but he didn’t ask for a kitchen knife to cut it.  Instead, he pulled out his pocket knife and started cutting off slices and handing them out to my cousins and I.

We didn’t care that Grandpa’s knife probably wasn’t the cleanest knife in the house.  In fact, it quite possibly had traces of dirt, sweat, elk, goats, deer, buffalo, and bears on it. None of that mattered.  We were getting some of Grandpa’s special Christmas cheese… and it was delicious!

Last week while grocery shopping we picked up a mesh bag of the the Babybell cheeses pictured here.  They reminded me of Grandpa’s cheese and the pocket knife he used to cut it because they are also encased in wax.  That red wax and cheese brought these memories back.

Babybel individual cheeses

See… I told you it would all make sense in the end?

As a side note: My uncles and many of my cousins continue on the tradition of carrying a pocket knife.  At Christmas if someone says they need a knife to open a gift… they’re greeted with no less than 5 outstretched arms offering up knives of various shapes and sizes.

Did your Grandpa carry a pocket knife?

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