Memory Monday – Farm Equipment Obstacle Course

When it’s Fall in Iowa it’s kind of hard to not see farm equipment. Whenever Fall comes around in these parts, the site of Power Harrows and other machinery is an all too familiar sight. I’ve been seeing combines, tractors, and grain trucks on the roads, in the fields… and in my newsfeeds.

They all have me thinking about a fun game my cousins and I used to play at my grandparent’s house. Back then, this story might’ve gotten us in trouble with my grandpa and uncles… but we’re all older now and the statute of limitations has probably run out. šŸ˜‰

At my grandparent’s farm, there was a building called “the quonset”. It was a long metal building with a semi-circle cross-section. This building housed all the farm equipment.

There were tractors, combines, planters, wagons, compaction equipment for rolling the gardens, and more… all expertly tucked inside the building. Their location inside was determined by the time of year.

My cousins and I turned all that farm equipment into an obstacle course. The game was to start at one end of the quonset and get to the other end and back without touching the floor. The only to do it was to climb on and over all the equipment. Kind of like a giant farm jungle gym.

It was fun and kept us busy. Looking back now I’m sure my grandpa and uncles knew what my cousins and I were up to. They had to have seen several small shoeprints in the dust on the equipment the next time they moved it all.

What games did you play with your cousins?

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