Memory Monday – Dad In The Kitchen

Tonight my oldest daughter joined me as I grilled burgers for supper.  As we sat on the tailgate of my truck I asked her what I should write about for Memory Monday.

where to buy nolvadex for pct We talked about several different ideas but somehow the conversation turned to what I remember most about what my Dad, her Grandpa, cooked when he made meals for our family.

There were 3 things that jumped out most.  The first would be stir-fry.   I’d make Minute Rice while my Dad whipped up the eggs, meat, and veggies to go on it.  I’m not sure whether it was for his birthday or Christmas but one time we got him an electric wok.

As a kid I watched intently as he worked. While he cooked he’d tell my brother and I stories about the stir-fry like foods he ate while he was overseas in the Army.

The way I make (and have taught my kids to make) stir-fry is pretty much the same way my Dad did.

Another meal my Dad would make would be chow mein.  This one wasn’t homemade.  It was the kind that came in a can.  Two cans taped together, actually.  He’d heat it up and serve it over crunchy chow mein noodles.  I was a fan of this meal.  Maybe because I like salty things and always topped mine with soy sauce.

The other thing I remember my Dad making, especially when Mom was working, was pot pies.  You know, the cheap kind in the little metal tin.  He’d let me use a steak knife to carve a C or B in the top of each one… indicating whether it was chicken or beef.

I loved those pot pies but didn’t love the fact that they took 45 minutes to bake in the oven.  My Dad used to like to dump his out on a plate over the top of a slice of bread.  I ate mine systematically. First the top crust, then the filling, followed by the side and bottom crust.

I’ve made the canned chow mein for my girls before but they weren’t fans.  When I told my daughter this she didn’t remember it and said she’d be willing to give it another try.

She did remember the pot pies I made for them once and said she wasn’t a fan and didn’t want to try them again.  That’s not going to stop me, though.  Now I’m craving a pot pie.

What are 3 things you remember your Dad cooking for you?


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