Memory Monday – Combine Rides

Harvest 2015 is in full swing and I’m amazed at how quick farmers are at getting the crops out.  A field that was untouched on my morning commute today was picked clean by the return trip home.

John Deere Combine

Even though I grew up in town I was able to experience harvest on the farm a time or two with my Grandpa and Uncles.  Getting to ride a few rounds in the combine was cool to a young boy.

My favorite part was watching the corn fill up the hopper, seeing the giant combine arm swing out and start to “pour” the corn into the truck or wagon.  I was amazed at how a cob of corn would go in and come out in kernels.

Combine and truck

The other memory I have about harvest is going with my Grandma to bring out sandwiches and a thermos filled with water or tea to the workers.  The guys would stop for a brief moment to say hello, grab a drink, and some food. Then they were off again.

It’s from them that I learned what a hardworking bunch that farmers are.

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2 thoughts on “Memory Monday – Combine Rides”

  1. Love this! I grew up in a farming family, so I have many memories! I took many a naps in the tractor and also loved getting to eat lunches in the tractor! I still love to ride in the combine and tractor, but don’t get to do it near as much as I’d like!

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