Memory Monday – Boiled Potatoes

Last night I dug up some potatoes from our garden.  It was fun lifting the potato fork out of the soil to reveal our harvest… ready for the picking.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the potatoes as soon as I saw them.

Fresh red potatoes

I wanted to make boiled potatoes.  It’s not a fancy recipe but it’s a dish that brings back a bunch of memories for me.  You see, I associate boiled potatoes with my Grandma.

I don’t recall ever having them anywhere else than at my Grandma’s house.  It’s not the kind of food you’d see at a restaurant and because of it’s simplicity you probably wouldn’t serve it to guests.

It is, however, an easy and inexpensive side that goes well with just about any meat.  Perfect for a hardworking Grandma who usually needed to feed a crowd and feed them quickly.

To make boiled potatoes you just scrub, quarter, and then boil them in slightly salted water.

Boiling potatoes

When a fork easily pierces them you drain the water and serve.

As a kid I loved smashing the potatoes down with my fork making lots of fork marks. (Who am I kidding? I still find this fun!)  Throw on a pat or two of butter and then smash again!  Add a little salt and you’re ready to eat.

Boiled Potatoes, pork chops & broccoli

I remember having many meals at my Grandma’s house that included boiled potatoes.  Potatoes my grandparents grew in their massive garden and then stored in the cellar.

I guess that’s why to this day boiled potatoes are one of my favorite ways to make potatoes.

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You’ll find another memory from my Grandma’s kitchen here!

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6 thoughts on “Memory Monday – Boiled Potatoes”

  1. Yum. I am reading all these food posts this morning and they are all making me hungry. Boiled potatoes are fabulous, aren’t they? Plain and simple sometimes is what I crave and this is exactly that kind of recipe. My grandma made fried mac and cheese and that is something that no one ever served but I make it for us all of the time now. Happy memories associated with it for sure.

  2. Grandma always made corned beef casserole. I will make it every once in awhile now, but my guys don’t really care for it! My mom makes it, but no one could do the buttered bread crumbs on top like grandma! Love the post!

  3. You know I can’t pass up commenting on food related posts. 🙂
    Those look great!
    I need to start using red potatoes more.
    Well done sir!

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