Memory Monday – A Shocking Necklace

A recent Memory Monday post was spurred by cutting my own hair. This one was too.  The memory came back as I plugged in my clippers.

Here’s a little backstory on this one.  My Mom had a necklace with a pearl on it.  It was one my Dad had made special.  It was one large pearl with a hole drilled through the center.  A fine gold chain was threaded through the pearl and it floated freely on the chain.

It’s a pretty cool and unique necklace.  I’ve never seen another like it.

My Mom used to sometimes hang it off one of the knobs on the medicine cabinet mirror in the bathroom.  I forget how old I was at the time of this “shocking” memory but it was probably sometime in middle school.

There was a power outlet directly behind the hanging necklace, and one time when I went to blow dry my hair I accidently caught the chain in the plug as I inserted it in the outlet.  As you can imagine there was a spark and a loud zap as electrical current ran through the chain.

The pearl was undamaged but the current broke the chain.  There was black char on the parts where it broke and since the chain was so fine there was no way it could be repaired.  The entire gold chain needed to be replaced.

I don’t remember getting in trouble since it was an accident but I do remember feeling bad about it… and that brief moment of panic before I knew that the pearl was alright.

The necklace got fixed and my Mom still wears it… but I bet she’s careful where she hangs it.  At least when I’m around. 🙂

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