Memories of Egg Salad

Every year we dye 2 dozen eggs for Easter.  With two kids in the house it’s just easier for them each to have their own carton.  That’s a lot of eggs to eat before they go bad so I have officially named the week after Easter “Egg Salad Week.”

Even after eating it all week I’ll still have fond memories of egg salad because it always makes me think of get-togethers at my grandparent’s house.

My Grandpa had two brothers and my Grandma had two sisters. They all ended up pairing off and getting married so to say they were a  close knit group would be an understatement.  Several times each year they would end up at my Grandparent’s house to visit and play cards.

Every family would bring a plate of finger sandwiches to share.  These visits were the first time I remember having egg salad sandwiches and the only place I ever remember having them.  The best part?  They were made with white bread.  Something I didn’t get much of as a kid because we always had wheat bread in our house growing up.

You know what made the egg salad sandwiches even better to a young kid?  Washing them down with strawberry, grape, or orange pop… something else I’ll always associate with being at my grandparents.

After fueling up on sandwiches and pop my cousins and I were ready to head to the basement to play cowboys and Indians.

Funny how something as simple as egg salad can bring up so many memories.  It’s a good thing they’re pleasant memories as I’ll be thinking about them all week long as I eat my lunch.

What foods remind you of your Grandparent’s house?

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