Memories of Buffalo

Growing up we never had to go to a zoo to see interesting animals. We just went to Grandpa’s house.  One of his hobbies was caring for exotic animals.

Some of my Grandpa’s animals included a brown bear, a black bear, deer, elk, peacocks, zebras, and a small herd of buffalo.

I remember bottle feeding baby fawns and feeding buffalo handfuls of grass through the fence.

Recently I got to share some of those memories with my girls as we drove through our local wildlife refuge.  Seeing the herd of buffalo grazing on the prairie was neat.  We even spotted a few elk.

I feel fortunate to live so close to such a cool place.  Whenever I want to relive those memories all I need to do is take a short drive.

Here’s a picture of me walking one of my Grandpa’s bears in a 4th of July Parade.  I was 7 at the time.

Walking A Bear

What’s your favorite animal?

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