Meat Cutting Memories

This past weekend I shared the above picture of the beef broccoli I made on a forum I visit often.  Yes, I really like forums.  One of my online friends asked the question if “I’d ever considered a plant based diet”.

The honest answer was “no” for several reasons.  I’ve had some (and cooked some) excellent vegetarian dishes. I have nothing against a plant based diet but with family and friends that raise cattle and hogs we have access to excellent meat at very affordable prices. We know where it comes from, how it was raised, and can instruct the meat locker on how we want it cut and packaged.

Growing up my Grandparents had a meat cutting area in their basement and we cut and processed our own. Working together with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins cutting and packaging meat is a fond childhood memory.

In fact, I think it might even be my first memory of working. You see, if you could use a black marker to write an “H” you had the job of marking the hamburger.  As you got older you might be able to run the tape dispenser.  It was a really big deal for me when I was old enough to be trusted with a small knife for the first time to cut the fat off pieces of meat. Those pieces then got run through the grinder to be made into hamburger.

Lunch was always delicious. I remember crock pots of soup and my grandma’s homemade apple bars.

Every time I get a pound of hamburger or package of steaks out of the deep freeze I remember my family working together, talking and laughing, having a good time cutting meat.  What a great memory it is… and probably the main reason I’ll never give up eating meat.

What’s your earliest memory of work?


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  1. Family butcher days are a very fond memory of mine also. I have told my kids about it several times. I remember wanting to be big enough to write H and also run the tape dispenser. It was always so fun playing with cousins and everyone working together and having family talks.

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