Make Someone’s Week

Remember how much you used to love getting mail when you were a kid?  Back before you started getting bills so most everything you got was cool?

This weekend I was reminded how cool and surprising it can be to get mail.  I was standing at the mailbox flipping through it’s contents and came across what looked like a letter to me.

My name and address were handwritten which upped the likelihood it was something I’d actually want to look at.  A quick glance at the return address showed it was from one of my Aunts.

During the walk back into the house I was wondering what it was and figured it must be a hard copy of all the details of our upcoming annual extended family camping trip.  Imagine my surprise to open it and find a handwritten letter with a newspaper clipping.

The clipping was from their local paper a few weekends ago in the “remember when this happened so many years ago section.”  It listed my name as attending an honor choir back when I was a sophomore.   Cool!  I had long since forgotten all about that.

I’ve thought about her handwritten note and that clipping a lot over the last couple days and each time it makes me smile.

That’s led me to this thought:  If you want to make someone smile send them a text.  If you want to make their day give them a call but if you want to make someone’s week drop a quick note in the mail.

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2 thoughts on “Make Someone’s Week”

  1. Thanks for the reference to my recent mail to you! I so enjoy your comments and I am glad such a simple thing as a clipping and quickly dashed off note made your day and made you smile!!

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